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Sacred art and furnishings

Quality and tradition since 1939

We have always paid particular care and attention in the choice of our suppliers in order to offer our customers the guarantee of purchasing original and quality products.
We will be happy to personally show you all our assortment of sacred vessels in our shop in Treviso. In the meantime or alternatively you can visit our online store.

Bishop Items

Sign of the Bishop's fidelity to the Church,
the bishop's ring is also the sign of God's
faithfulness to his people. The pectoral cross
is a cross worn around the neck with a cord
or with a chain depending on of occasions.
It is worn by the Pope, by bishops, cardinals
and some dignitaries ecclesiastics.
In the Roman rite the pectoral cross is worn
under the chasuble or the planet, in the
Ambrosian rite must be carried over the
chasuble or the planet. The pastoral is a sign
proper to the bishops and abbots, consisting
of an auction culminating in a curved spiral.

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Sacred Vessels

The sacred vessels are the objects
that the priest uses during the celebration
of Mass to consecrate, offer and consume
the body and blood of Christ. Among these
mainly the chalice, the paten and the pyx,
but also the ampoules and jars for the custody
of the Holy Oils. The chalice is the sacred vessel
used for celebration of the Eucharist.
The paten is the small plate in metal or gilded
silver that the priest places on the chalic
to place the host during Holy Mass.
The pyx is the sacred vessel used to store
consecrated hosts and distribute them to
the faithful. When it contains them,
it is kept in the tabernacle. The ampoules
are the sacred vessels intended to contain
the wine and water for the celebration
of the Mass. The Holy Oils are the three oils
used by Church in the Sacraments. Chrism
is used for the Anointing after Baptism,
to administer Confirmation and to anoint
the hands of those who have received
the Holy Order. The Oil of the Catechumens
is used for anoint the breast of those who
are about to receive Baptism, to symbolize
the strength infused by God in the struggle
against sin. Finally, the Oil of the Sick, is the
Oil Saint used to administer the Sacrament
of the Anointing of the Sick.

Oli santi

Monstrances, Tabernacles and Eucharistic Cases

A monstrance, also known as an ostensorium
is the vessel used for the exhibition of the
consecrated Eucharistic host during
Eucharistic adoration or Benediction
of the Blessed Sacrament. It is also used
as reliquary for the public display of relics
of some saints. A tabernacle is a fixed,
locked box in which the Eucharist is
``reserved`` (stored). It is normally made
of metal, stone or wood, is lockable and
secured to its altar or adjacent wall to
prevent the consecrated elements within
from being removed without authorization.
The eucharistic case is a container for the
conservation of the hosts and consecrated
hosts. The cases can be made in different
materials and sizes, with different colors
and engravings. In turn, they are usually
kept in bags, usually in leather.


Candlesticks, Candle Holders and Oil Lamps

Lamps and candles derive their
meaning of vigilance and worship
from the Holy Scriptures. Like incense,
the flame that flickers towards the top
transmits the prayer of the faithful
to God. Turn on a light ahead to the
effigy of Christ, a saint or the Madonna
also took over in the Catholic tradition
the symbolic meaning to prolong their
presence and the own prayer. In our
shop we have candlesticks, candle
holders and oil lamps of various
shapes, materials and sizes.


Slipcases e Book Lecterns

To keep the precious liturgical books
we have a wide choice of slipcases:
in finely chiseled and pure silver
leather with embossed decorations.
We also have different types of book
lecterns on which to place the
sacred texts during the readings.


Travel Mass Kits

Travel Mass kits are made carefully
to be practical and comfortable to
carry all necessary equipment for
the celebration of the liturgy.
Each mass kit contains a cross, pyx,
cruets, chalice and paten, altar cloth,
stole and more.



In our store we have a vast assortment
of processional crosses, altar crosses,
wall or table crucifixes of various sizes
and formats.

If you are interested in purchasing, you can see the models and check their availability online store, or write to us at our address pietrobon@pietrobon.it and we will let you know the packaging times as soon as possible.