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Liturgical Vestments

From a careful study of ancient vestments, we have reached the current shapes for our chasubles.
A gothic cut with a tapered shape on the front whilst very wide on the back. A very wide and rounded classic cut. The collar, which gives the vestment its majesty. Very generous dimensions to give the figure of the priest importance.

Liturgical Chasubles

The chasuble is the liturgical vestment
proper to the priest in the celebration
of the Eucharist. According to the Principles
and Norms of the Roman Missal,
the chasuble (or planet) is the vesture
to the priest in the act of celebrating the
rite of Mass and actions closely related to it.
The rules also provide that under the chasuble
they are worn, in order: amice, dawn, girdle
and stole; under the chasuble in pontifical
masses the Bishop adds the dalmatic.

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The cope (known in Latin as pluviale
'rain coat' or cappa 'cape') is a liturgical
vestment, more precisely a long mantle
or cloak, open in front and fastened at
the breast with a band or clasp. It may
be of any liturgical color. It is generally
accompanied by a miter.



Our mitres are distinguished by originality,
lightness and perfect packaging. The particular
armour that forms their structure makes them
very comfortable and pleasant to wear.
The materials used and the harmonious
decorations highlight our production's
unmistakable style.



The stole is a liturgical vestment
that consists of a band of colored cloth,
usually of silk, whose ends may be straight
or may broaden out. The center of the stole
is worn around the back of the neck and
the two ends hang down parallel to each
other in front. Its meaning is a reference
to the sacred texts: represents both
the sweet yoke of Jesus, ``because my yoke
is sweet and my load light`` (Mt 11,30),
both rivers of living water who descend
on the elects (Gv 7,38).

Our priest stoles are tailor-made and come in different shapes, styles and materials (pure silk, raw silk, wool-blend faille, pearls, semi-precious stones) with embroidery by machine or hand.

Our models can be produced in every liturgical color. We also manufacture stoles for permanent deacons, while for deacons entering the priesthood we have created a stole that can be transformed from diaconal to presbyteral (Stoles M2).



The dalmatic is a long, wide-sleeved tunic,
which serves as a liturgical vestment.
It is the proper vestment of a deacon
at Mass, Holy Communion or other
services such as Baptism or Marriage held
in the context of a Eucharistic service.
Like the chasuble worn by priests and
bishops, it is an outer vestment and
is supposed to match the liturgical
color of the day. The dalmatic is often
made of the same material and decoration
as a chasuble, so as to form a matching pair.
Traditional Solemn Mass vestment sets
include matching chasuble, dalmatic,
and tunicle.


Albs, Surplices and Rochets

Even in the religious linen sector,
the use of high-quality materials such
as cotton, linen, wool, silk is privileged.
From the most austere and simple
decorations to the precious embroideries
in hemstitch, refined bobbin lace or Venetian
stitch. We offer you a complete range
of proposals for every need.



To underline the liturgical color
and the solemnity of the celebration,
we offer various types of cinctures.
Finished with care they are produced
exclusively in Italy.

If you are interested in purchasing, you can see the models and check their availability in our online store, or write to us at our address pietrobon@pietrobon.it and we will let you know the packaging times as soon as possible.