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Pietrobon Bruno Arredi Sacri Company

Our History


Bruno Pietrobon and his sister Giovanna Maria left Castelfranco Veneto and moved to the centre of Treviso with their family.

Empowered by a rich experience acquired from an early age (Bruno as a representative of a Brescia company in the sector and Giovanna at the cutting and embroidery schools directed by the Sisters of Maria Child and Elisabettine), they founded a laboratory of vestments and religious furnishings with the help of some seamstresses and embroiderers.


After the sad interlude of the war and the advent of the Republic, a climate of great fervor is established in the reconstruction and rebirth of the Catholic spirit.

The Pacellian era sees the Roman liturgy reflected on the entire Italian Church with a wealth of symbols and ritual traditions to make the cult shine with a neo-Renaissance splendor. This is the season in which Bruno Pietrobon expresses all his creative wisdom and puts his knowledge of the ancient art of tailoring and furniture to good use in the complex religious sector.


The Second Ecumenical Council of the Vatican, which opened under the pressure of Pope John XXIII, brought the Church back to its founding sources, stripping the liturgy of many ritual burdens.

Bruno Pietrobon welcomed the liturgical - pastoral ``Copernican revolution`` with intelligence and creative spirit and began an intense and long work of remodelling the entire liturgical environment. Manufacturing and furnishing houses had to reinvent their products from scratch and Bruno Pietrobon's well-established Treviso-based company became the forerunner of liturgical renewal, always following rigorous criteria in the choice of fabrics and materials and at the same time providing accurate cognitive and design projects. The guide for this new and long journey is Bishop Antonio Mistrorigo, the conciliar father and authoritative member of the Commission for the religious Liturgy. Mistrorigo inspired and endorsed the first models of the resurrected chasuble, created by Bruno Pietrobon - now flanked by his sons - with their typical high and rigid collar, whilst composed in the fall of its folds. Under the watchful eye of the elderly parent, the children Luciana, Luigino with his wife Franca, Aurora and Ettore, are intensifying and exploiting the heritage of craftsmanship and knowledge they inherited from their father's entrepreneurial spirit.


During the visit of Pope John Paul II to the church of Treviso, Pietrobon Arredi Sacri made the chasuble for the Holy Father and the concelebrating bishops.

This visit to the city by the Supreme Pontiff marked the beginning of a privileged relationship with the Holy See. In various papal visits and significant ceremonies, Pietrobon qualified as a papal supplier (1985, papal visit to Forlì; in Lorenzago during the Pope's holidays in various summers; 1992, papal visit to the churches of Aquileia, Gorizia, Udine, Pordenone; 1997, papal visit to the Church of Prague for the canonisation of B. Adalberto; in Rome special endowment for the pontifical sacristy of chasubles for cardinals and pontifical celebrations; 1998, papal visit to the Havana Church in Cuba; in Rome in March, chasubles for the episcopal consecration, in the Vatican basilica, of Monsignors P. Marini, J.M. Harvey and S. Dziwisz; mitre for the Holy Father for his visit to the church of St. Louis, in the USA; 1999, papal visit to the Church of Maribor, Slovenia for the mass celebration for the beatification of Anton Martin Slomsek).


The Jubilee of 2000, announced by John Paul II with the Incarnationis Mysterium bull, involved the entire staff of Pietrobon, setting in motion its technical and artisan apparatus' finest efforts.

In the same year, the renovation of the headquarters of the first store was completed, located in the building that was already part of the Gothic Palazzo Dal Corno, adjacent to Piazza Duomo.


In 2005, Pietrobon Arredi Sacri was the supplier for the funeral mass for Pope John Paul II and the mass for the election of the new Pope Benedict XVI.

On various other occasions, we provided vestments to Pope Benedict XVI, including a red cope in Venetian silk damask. In 2014, the company was the supplier of the vestments worn by His Eminence Cardinal Pietro Parolin during the centenary of the death of Saint Pius X in the Cendrole Sanctuary of Riese Pio X.

2015 - Today

We have now reached the third generation after having achieved very flattering and prestigious goals.

Our clientele, in addition to loyal customers from all over the Triveneto, expands to the whole national territory and now, thanks to the various exhibitions of the sector in which we participated, to our website and to the fruitful word of to many countries of Europe and the United States.