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Priest vestments and religious clothing

Italian tailoring

Clothing of Italian production with careful workmanship for: cassocks, tricorns, zucchettos, dresses, shirts, priest clothing, nun clothing, aprons, altar servers, communion dresses.
The care we have always had in offering you high quality objects has led us to start our own direct production with flattering results that characterize us in the panorama of our sector.
The sartorial finishes, the detailed knowledge of all the details of the prelate dignity, in addition to the use of fine fabrics, are the prerogative of our packages.
Patented Model

``Treviso`` Model Shirt for Ecclesiastics

The Treviso model shirt for ecclesiastics
is our innovative and exclusive model,
covered by patent. The peculiarity is in
the neck which replaces the uncomfortable
and annoying collar made of plastic that is
worn under the cassock or the vest.
It is made of pure cotton poplin
and is available in all sizes, with cuff
normal or double for the use of twins.
Practice and comfortable, it is easy to wash
and iron and allows the priest who wears
the cassock to always have a fresh and
elegant garment. Available in color: white.
Available sizes: 38 - 39 - 40 - 41- 42 - 43 -
44 - 45 - 46 - 47 - 48 - 49 - 50

Our Shirts are in Pure Cotton and Pure Cotton Fil a Fil. They have a wide fit, an accurate packaging and are produced exclusively in Italy.


Cassocks, Tricorns and Zucchettos

The careful tailoring and fabrics
fine pure wool and silk wool make
of our cassocks an elegant and refined
garment. We are able to satisfy your
every need for both size and finish.


Clothing for Nuns

We have a large assortment of
Jackets, Vests, Sweaters, Coats,
Aprons in various colors, sizes
and high quality fabrics.


Vests and accessories for Altar servers and First Communion

Altar servers albs, First Communion
albs, rope cinctures, crosses, veils.
All the items are made in Italy and
they are available in standard or
personalised sizes.

If you are interested in purchasing, you can see the models and check their availability in our online store, or write to us at our address pietrobon@pietrobon.it and we will let you know the packaging times as soon as possible.